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Celebration under the castle

On 31st July, 2010 was in our village in cooperation with the city Brumov Bylnice-held event "Celebration under the castle". In the morning in the local park  children could compete in the various competitions under the supervision of the scouts. The competition was attended also by the smallest children and take a lot of fun in the performance of individual tasks. As Cinderella - sorting lentils with corn, then throwing with robber boots, practiced all their senses. Children were rewarded after the events different prices, but also those children who were not placed, did not leave empty.
Afternoon in nice weather played youth band "MLADIK"  which good-tempered and pleasant music can also inspire other young people from our community and guests from Brumov. You could see the knights fights and their  women, dressed in period dress, prepared excellent pancakes with bacon or prunes, or you can stop for refreshments and taste for example sauerkraut or bean soup. During all these events was open the Exhibition of folk culture and an exhibition area of the village Horne Srnie where the guides for visitors were children of primary school. Children also could try shooting from a bow or crossbow, you could also jump on the inflatable castle, ride the pony or admire the beauty of the falcon. It was a very nice day and we hope all those who came to see felt comfortable and enjoyed this day.  We want to thank all the participants and visitors and also thank all the kids who demonstrated their courage in competitions.

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