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Exhibition of fine arts of Denisa Oškrdová

On 14st August 2010 in the exhibition hall the exhibition of works of the talented young artist Mgr. Denisa Oškrdová was opened The exhibition was opened by Mrs. Mária Húdeková who welcomed the visitors and especially Miss Oškrdová. Miss Oškrdová was very happy that people in Horné Srnie  have "artistic feeling" and came to see the exhibition and especially to support her in her further development. Visitors were particularly curious about the meanings of certain images, which the artist explained. Exhibition includes 38 works of art also the ornaments that she personally produced. The exhibition has not stopped, it takes up to 3rd September 2010. You are warmly invited. The exhibition is  open daily from 15:00 to 18:00 pm during the week from 22nd to 29st August. Later it is possible to see the exhibition during the opening hours of exposure or by agreement with municipal authorities.

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